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Dutch submission wins prestigious Edelman Award

News item | 09-04-2013

Yesterday evening, a team with members from the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB), the University of Tilburg, TU Delft, Deltares, HKV Consultants and the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, and the Delta Commissioner won the INFORMS Edelman Award for the project entitled 'Economically Efficient Flood Standards to Protect the Netherlands Against Flooding'.

This Dutch consortium has developed a new calculation method which is used to determine the optimum economic protection of the Netherlands against flooding. The application of the results of the calculation leads to greater efficiency. This calculation method can be used worldwide to determine optimum protection levels.

Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken regards winning the award as a great honour with enormous impact: “This innovative project has contributed in a unique way to improving water safety in the Netherlands. The prize puts the Netherlands even more firmly on the map as an expert in the field of water safety. It is a tribute to the researchers and the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment that commissioned the project.”

The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS®) is an international research association that counts Nobel Prize winners amongst its members. INFORMS presents the Franz Edelman Award annually. Through this award, INFORMS aims to draw attention to the field of Operations Research which involves using mathematical techniques and models to improve or optimise processes within organisations.

The projects nominated for the award must have a significant impact on society, industry or the business community. The requirements for the award are explicitly twofold: the product must make a truly significant contribution to science as well as actually delivering added value to society when applied in practice.

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